Games Portfolio

Game Portfolio


Diggurat is a 3D multi-player party game where 4 players come together and try to defeat the fire-spirit.

My Roles:

  • Lead the technical team as a Technical Director.
  • Design and create gameplay coding framework
  • Implemented the main menu, level editor and work on various gameplay features.
  • Create and compose a BGM for one of the mini games.

An Ant’s Adventure

An Ant’s Adventure is a third person single player game where the player has to tackle puzzles within an area and collect special items before he can proceed to the next area.

My Roles:


CoroWar is a 2D turn-based strategy game where the objective of the game is to capture all the flags. The losing condition of the game is when all the Coros are destroyed by the evil Evro.

My Roles:

  • Work on physics and collisions
  • Implemented Worm’s style collision and movement
  • Work on weapons and their unique behaviors

Exalted War

Exalted War is an isometric 2.5D survival shooting game. The main objective is to kill as many enemy robots while staying alive within a time limit.

My Roles:

  • Work on weapons (e.g. Reflective bullets, bullets that shoot over the wall etc)
  • Implemented map editor and map structure of the game
  • Designed an algorithm to render the 2.5D world
Lim Yee Chen
Team Lead

Development Team Lead with experience in Golang & DevOps