Other Projects

Shadow Mapping

Implemented shadow mapping as part of DigiPen CS300 assignment. This demo uses percentage-closer filtering (pcf) to minimize aliasing. This framework was built entirely by myself.

API and Libraries used:


  • DirectX SDK (Preferably June 2010)


A* Pathfinding

This project implements A* Pathfinding algorithm with various heuristics. There is smoothing using catmull-rom and rubberbanding optimization.

This project is done as an assignment for CS380 class in DigiPen Redmond Campus by Steve Rabin. The framework was provided by Steve Rabin, but the A* implementation and other algorithms(e.g rubberbanding, smoothing) are done by me.

I achieved the fastest A* algorithm timing in both classes during the semester and is the only one to beat the sample 10% timing. Below is the timing records for both classes during that semester.


  • DirectX SDK (Preferably June 2010)


Cel Shading & Edge Detection (Sobel/Layer)

Implemented Cel Shading and Edge Detection as part of the game An Ant’s Adventure. Edge detection technique employed are edge detection using Sobel Operator and Object Layer based Outlining to determine which is more viable to the game. Object Layer based Outlining prove to be more suitable for An Ant’s Adventure visually and performance wise.

Note: Screenshot is run on PC with low end graphics card(GT 520M) and demo is not optimized (This version of the game is just after Prototype).

Image Processing

Implemented image processing as part of DigiPen CS370 assignments. This demo demonstrates the different type of image processing techniques like Gaussian Blur, Histogram Equalization, Unsharp Masking, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) etc. This framework was built entirely by myself with the help of wxFormBuilder.

API and Libraries used:


MediWar Signature

MediWar Sig
This is auto generated forum signature for a web based game called MediWar. I created this for the community years ago while I was still playing the game.

The following technique is used for this project:

  • PHP (cURL, GD Library, etc)
  • AJAX


E-Commerce Web Application: 6th Sense

As part of an e-commerce project in Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore in the year 2007, I directed the team in the development of an e-commerce Sports Apparel web application “6th Sense”. 6th Sense is developed with ASP.NET, VB.NET and abiding by the 3-tier architecture. I was invited to present this web application to a panel of faculty before I was awarded Distinction for my effort.

Below are the features in the web application implemented and coded solely by me which includes:

  • Login System
  • Product Rating System
  • Forum Board System
  • Profile Customization
  • User Poll
  • Administration System for various operations
  • Web Services
  • Advertisement & Cross Selling System